Today's Date: 08/05/2021
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Event Category Meetings
Event Name Fordham Kiwanis Club Meeting
Event Type Kiwanis Family Meetings (Attendance Tracked)
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Additional Description Join eKiwanis and the Fordham Kiwanis Club for their annual Bread and Soup Dinner! The virtual meeting welcome's everyone to "bring your own soup" and enjoy a simple meal together. There will also be a presentation on food insecurity and a guest speaker.

Please see further details below:

The meeting will begin at 5 PM Central/6 PM Eastern with a reflection prayer and introductions. The event is "bring your own bread and soup." The idea is that everyone would have bread and soup in front of them to eat during the meeting program, or another simple meal, though it is not technically required, it is highly encouraged. There will be a call for donations to a partner charity at the end (Part of the Solution in Bronx, NY) but it is not required/no one will be put on the spot to donate, and there is no entrance fee to the event.

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Interclub with Fordham Kiwanis Club
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