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Welcome to the eKiwanis Member Site! If you have any suggestions, please contact me at webmaster@ekiwanis.org


1/10/2021 Update external site to Kiwanis WordPress site.
11/25/2020 Update ICS calendars to go back 1 year (instead of only upcoming).
11/25/2020 Move webhost to dreamhost.com and move email/mailing lists to Google Workspace.
11/14/2020 Disable chat.
01/11/2020 Update Agenda Creator.
10/18/2015 Add "Add New Event" button to Calendar.
10/22/2013 Add new Event State 'Sign-up Closed'.
08/14/2013 Add Facebook plugins.
03/17/2013 Added Dues reminders to the header of each page if you aren't paid.
03/05/2013 Implemented Agenda Creation
03/05/2013 Implemented Reminder Emails, access via Edit Your Account.
02/02/2013 Change "Hours" to "Service Hours" for Event Confirmation. Add CSV downloads to the Membership List.
01/22/2011 Added "LOC[]" support to description fields. Will add a Google Maps link and fill in the LOCATION field for .ics files.
01/09/2011 Added .ics support.
01/21/2010 Add "Estimated Youth Served" to Events and Indiv Hours. Also updated Event Stats to include the information and include an MRF summary section for the new style MRFs.
03/04/2008 Add "Only Service Projects" option to Event Statistics Summary.
11/12/2006 Added website management so that the Pres and VP are Cc'ed on all committee emails and added management of the board_exec email list.
03/15/2006 Added holidays to Calendar!
03/10/2006 Added checkboxes and "Save before Submit" to Surveys
03/02/2006 Added automatic reminder emails for Event Confirmation
02/08/2006 Switched to new Chat
11/15/2005 Added Service Contacts
10/08/2005 Fully connected the member's account to the mailing lists. Now if you change your email(s) in Edit Your Account, all mailing lists (members, board, committees) you belong to will be updated. Cool!
09/14/2005 Added "Orientation Date" to the Account Information.
06/08/2005 Added tentative event dates and a way to delete event dates.
09/07/2004 Added Statistics Summary Page.
05/02/2004 Added Ballots section.
03/13/2004 Added ability to have sub directories in the Files Section.
02/23/2004 Added Board Report Submission Form.
02/10/2004 Added Photo Gallery!
01/24/2004 Added Committee management and Birthdays to Calendar. Enjoy!
12/13/2003 Added Files section. Also added list of current sign-ups for logged-in members to Calendar page.
11/02/2003 Added individual hour tracking, member statistics, and member birthdays. Anyone have any other requests? You just have to ask me!
10/26/2003 Added event statistics and interclub tracking. Individual hour tracking and member statistics soon. I hope... :)
10/15/2003 Added ability to have simple recurring events. (You're welcome Julie! :-p )
10/13/2003 Added additional Access permissions. You must now be logged in to view the event owner or event minutes and guests can no longer view member address, phone number, or membership number information.
10/06/2003 Added a location field for Event Names and Dates. Also made the location protected (you must be logged in to view the location).
10/05/2003 Added Member Survey. Please take the survey if you haven't already done so!
10/01/2003 Reminder emails activated!
09/23/2003 Help completed. There should now be a "Help" link in the upper right of each page. Please let me know if there are mistakes in the help page or more detail is needed. Thanks! Next on the list are reminder emails, event statistics, a way to enter individual service hours, and a way to track interclubs.
09/21/2003 Event confirmation done. Beginning statistic generation and help utility. No rest for the wicked. :)
09/12/2003 Sign-up and Calendar up and running! Woo! Event confirmation next.
09/07/2003 Added Event Management. Sign-up and Calendar hopefully soon!
08/25/2003 Phase 1 of the Member Website (User Management and Chat) complete! Stay tuned for more features!