Today's Date: 09/21/2021
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These are all the meetings of the club.


15 Year Anniversary
15th Anniversary Committee Meeting
2nd Signature Service Committee
Achieving Club Excellence Workshop
Barrington Evening Kiwanis Charter Banquet
Bloomingdale-Roselle Kiwanis Club Meeting
Board Meeting
Bowl-a-thon Meeting
Brainstorm & Planning Meeting
Bylaws Committee
CLE Training
Clearbrook Volunteer Dinner
Club Meeting - Conference Call
Community Baby Shower Event Committee Meeting
Des Plaines Kiwanis Club Meeting
Division 8 Council
Division 8 Mid-Year Conference
End of Year Celebration and Banquet
Eye of the Tiger E-Club Kiwanis Meeting
Fordham Kiwanis Club Meeting
Fundraising Committee Meeting
Governor's Visit
Governor's Visit Planning
Governor's Visit/Arlington Heights Charter Lunch
I-I District Education Day
I-I Key Club Board Meeting
In-Person Meeting
Interclub with Kishwaukee Kiwanis
International President's Visit
Key Club Committee Meeting
Kiwanis Club of Elmhurst Luncheon
Kiwanis Park Ridge-Morning Club Meeting
Kiwanis Spastic Paralysis Research Foundation
Meet the Eliminator
Membership Committee Meeting
New Executive Board Meeting
New Member Orientation
Nomination Committee
Online Chat
Service Committee Meeting
Siesta Key Kiwanis Club Meeting
SLP Committee Meeting
Social Committee Meeting