Today's Date: 11/29/2022
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Event Category Young Children: Priority One
Event Name Kiwanis Dolls
Event Type Young Children: Priority One (Service Hours Tracked)
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Event Description Help us make Kiwanis dolls. These dolls are sent to children in the hospital. The dolls are left blank and sent with 2 markers so the children can draw on them. They are also useful for helping the doctors find out where the children hurt.
Additional Description (Habitat was cancelled, so we'll make dolls instead!)

We will be finishing up the dolls we started last May. We need our club description cards, the Kiwanis dolls cards, and any dolls you had finished or need to be finished. Iris already has the markers and bags.

Iris has also suggested having lunch at her house, possibly Lou Malnati's (pizza). Please note in your sign-up comment what you think about this. Thanks!
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