Today's Date: 03/24/2023
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Event Category Young Children: Priority One
Event Name Clearbrook Adopt-a-Family
Event Type Young Children: Priority One (Service Hours Tracked)
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Event Description Buy and wrap presents for a Clearbrook Family
Additional Description Shopping for our Adopt-a-Family families for Clearbrook and District 54. Wrapping will be done at our in-person meeting on Dec. 7

Purchased the following:
Boy - 10yrs old
-- Coat
-- Pants & Tshirt
-- Spiderman Lego
-- Markers, 20ct
-- Colored pencils, 72 ct
-- Spiderman coloring/activity book
-- Marvel Art with Edge Coloring Pages
-- Marvel Super Hero Book

Boy - 3 yrs old
-- Coat
-- Pants and shirt
-- Puzzles, 4pk
-- Caterpillar Xylophone
-- Toy Guitar
-- Pete the Cat Book Set

Boy - 2 years old
-- Coat
-- Pants and Top
-- Hot Wheels cars, 2 pkgs
-- Puzzles, 3pk
-- Crayons
-- Paw Patrol & Dino Coloring Books
-- Duplo Alphabet truck
-- Transformer

Family gift - Uno Card Game

Budget - $550 for both Clearbrook & SD54
Total spend - $549.15
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Estimated Youth Served 3
Event State Service Hours/Attendance Confirmed

Event Participants

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