Today's Date: 11/29/2023
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Event Category Young Children: Priority One
Event Name Car Seat Project with Carol Stream Police Department
Event Type Young Children: Priority One (Service Hours Tracked)
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Event Description We are partnering with Carol Stream Police Department during Safety Saturday, a state-wide car seat check event!

About the event: Child passenger safety technicians will be at car seat check locations checking that children are in the correct car seats and that they are installed correctly. All families are welcomed to come out to the event.

eKiwanis will be donating car seats for the Carol Stream Police Department's Safety Saturday. The car seats will be given to kids who are in need of replacement car seats. Safety technicians will be installing the car seats at the event

We will be at the event passing out snack baggies for the kids. The snack bags will be branded with eKiwanis and will include a flyer about eK for the parents.
Additional Description This year all attendees must book an appointment here:
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