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Event Category Relays / Walk-a-thons
Event Type Community Service
Event Description The Run/Walk for DuPage PADS is on Saturday, Sept. 11th, and, depending on what task you are assigned to or what you want to do, the time can vary. Generally, we are telling the volunteers 6am-10am, but the runs & walk start at 8am, so if you are along the course flagging to keep the participants on the right track, then the arrive time may be later (just as an example). Any number of volunteers in your group will be fine, but we probably will need to know a fairly concrete number as soon as possible so we can plan for covering all of the different volunteer positions. The group would most likely be able to stay together to do a task. Various tasks include: registration, water station workers, finish line assistance, set-up before & clean-up after, traffic monitors, and ensuring runners & walkers stay on route & cheering for them as they pass.

The run/walk is a 3K walk, 5K run, or 10K run.

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Event Dates

9/11/10 (6:00 AM - 10:00 AM)