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Event Category Meetings
Event Name Governor's Visit
Event Type Kiwanis Family Meetings (Attendance Tracked)
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Event Description Each year, the Governor of the I-I will make an official visit to our Division. Come, meet the Governor, and support the District!
Additional Description 2008-2009 Governor Gary Heath will be visiting Division 8!

We will have a lunch and then a Wii Bowling Tournament.

The cost is $15/person. Please sign-up BEFORE October 27th. Checks can be made out to "Kiwanis Division 8" and paid at the door.

Also, please indicate your food preference for a Subway lunch box.
Bread: White or Wheat
Meat: Turkey Breast, Ham, Roast Beef, or Veggie Delight

Event Flyer:


Food: We ordered Subway lunch boxes (6" sub, chips, cookie) and supplemented with potato salad and coleslaw, brownies, and pop. It worked out really well! Everyone got what they wanted (or at least got what they reserved for). We got 5 extra boxes in case anyone else showed up without an RSVP.

Decorations: We went with a fall theme. We got plastic table cloths and made centerpieces (candles and leaf wreaths). Members also donated fall decorations to go around the room.

Wii: We got 4 Wii's and 4 projectors. Each Wii needed an orange utility cord (for length) and a plug expander (multi-plug extention cord, power strip, etc). The expander needs to have 3-prong plugs since the projectors required them (the Wii has a 2-prong plug). A TV table was used to hold each system. The systems were in a row projecting on a blank wall. It worked pretty well!
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Interclub with Barrington
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