Today's Date: 05/22/2019
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Event Category Social
Event Name Circle K / CK Alumni Summer Social
Event Type Service Leadership Programs (Service Hours Tracked)
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Event Description We will be joining the I-I Circle K and the I-I Circle K Alumni Association for a fun-filled social in the summer. Come one, come all!
Additional Description The Circle K'ers will be helping to finish up a cabin at the camp. We will be providing dinner when they are done.

Note: Time may change. Tentative schedule is
5:00PM: Start cooking
6:30PM: Serve dinner

Dinner will be the usual picnic food (grilled stuff, munchies, drinks, etc)

Event Recap: We had burgers (1.5 packs used), hot dogs (half a big pack), Chicken (most of a big bag), Fruit (grapes - 1 lb; cherries - 1 lb; mini carrots - 2 lb, almost all used; jarred pineapple - most of jar used), chips (potato and Doritos, both half used), Sam's potato salad (about 1/3 eaten), Sam's coleslaw (about 1/4 eaten), pasta salad (half eaten), 2 big cans of beans (maybe 1/2 to a full can used), cookies (2 boxes, both about half eaten), 4 12 packs (not much used), 2 packs of water (1 used), and lemonade (not that much drunk).

Suite supplies needed: Serving spoons, ziplock bags

Next year, bring backup lighter fluid and a can opener, buy half as many buns as you think you need, and remember the fire extinguisher!
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Interclub with I-I Circle K
Event State Service Hours/Attendance Confirmed

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