Today's Date: 05/22/2019
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Event Category Circle K District Event
Event Name Holiday Embrace
Event Type Service Leadership Programs (Service Hours Tracked)
Event Description Holiday Embrace is Circle K's annual dinner/dance. It is also a fundraiser for Spastic Paralysis, so please come and support this worthy cause!
Additional Description Dinner 6:30-8:00
Dance 8:00-midnight

Dinner and Dance is $35/person
Dance only is $20/person
T-shirts are also available for $10

Please try to register by December 12th. You can do so here:


Recap: The suite was a little slow this year, for reason's unknown. We put up signs and made an announcement.


Stacey got some cheap blue Xmas ligthts and some silver stars on wire. Very pretty! These are now in the suite supplies.

Food usage:

3 bars of cheese, most was eaten (get all orange cheese next year)
2 sticks of summer sausage, all eaten
1 box Triscuits, some eaten
1 box crackers, some eaten

1 pre-made veggie tray, maybe half eaten

1 large bag (Costco) of potato chips and dip, some eaten
1 large bag of tortilla chips and salsa, not much eaten
1 large bag of Doritos, half eaten (most popular)
1 nut tray, somewhat eaten (but it was a great price)

1 bag each of plain, peanut, and almond M&Ms, half eaten?
1 container of Costco cookies, all eaten
1 container of Costco brownie bites, all eaten

35 bottles of water, all used (could have used more)
12 pack each of Coke, Diet Coke, Root Beer, and 7UP. Half used, Coke most popular
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Interclub with I-I Circle K
Event State Service Hours/Attendance Confirmed

Event Participants

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