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Event Category Meetings
Event Name Service Committee Meeting
Event Type Club Meetings (Attendance Tracked)
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Additional Description Meeting To brainstorm on Service Project for 2016-2017. Many of you have asked for more service project so I would like to see if we can do a minimum of one a month. The Need is great as we already have several groups that want our help.

So far we are 1/12 with Wing on 10/15/16

For the Month of November W.A.C.O. has asked for help with their Thanksgiving Drive. They need sorters on 11/19/16.

W.A.C.O has also asked for help with The Christmas shopping project for underprivileged children This event is on 12/3/16

Lastly we are signed up to help HSP with their Christmas Packing Event on 12/10/16

Please bring ideas with you to the meeting. We really want to focus on Children to support Daniels mission statement for the year...... "Help me, Help you, Serve the Children of the World"
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