Today's Date: 04/24/2019
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Event Category Social
Event Name Ice Skating in Frozemont
Event Type Social (Attendance Tracked)
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Event Description Winter is here, so let's enjoy it! eKiwanis is headed to MB Park's Frozemont for a fun afternoon of ice skating. Even if you don't skate, we will plan on gathering at one of the establishments at the park for fellowship and fun. Bring friends and family!
Additional Description We'll meet at the Skate Park in Rosemont at 3:00. Access to the rink is free, if you need to rent skates they are $8.00. (If you're interested, there is also a tubing hill nearby that is $20)

We'll also pick a place nearby to gather for warmth, drinks, and a fun time. And a haven for those of us that don't skate. Maybe Toby Keith's or Five Roses.

Bring friends and family! We aren't going to make a membership pitch here, but it will be a great time to introduce people to the club and the wonderful folks in it!
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