Today's Date: 04/25/2019
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Event Category Fundraising
Event Name Fannie May Fundraiser - Orders Due
Event Type Fundraising (Attendance Tracked)
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Additional Description We will be selling 8oz boxes of Fannie May chocolates for $10 each.

These boxes retail for $12.49, so this is a great deal. And the club makes $3.50 on each box sold!

There are 4 chocolates to choose from:

- Mint Meltaway Combination®: Chocolate mint centers covered in rich milk chocolate or smooth pastel coating. A refreshing mint sensation.

- Pixes®: Crunchy pecans covered in rich caramel and drenched in smooth milk chocolate, a Fannie May classic.

- Trinidads®: Creamy dark chocolate centers drenched in a lavish pastel coating mixed with crisp toasted coconut.

- Assorted Chocolates: Must have collection of milk and dark covered buttercreams, caramels, toffees and nougats.

Order form:

You can either mail your order (money included) to Charlie or you can email your order and pay when you receive the chocolates.

We will be handing out the chocolates at the 5/15 In-Person Meeting.
Event State Service Hours/Attendance Confirmed

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