Today's Date: 04/26/2019
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Event Category Social
Event Name Wine Tasting Social
Event Type Social (Attendance Tracked)
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Additional Description Exact time TBD, but likely starting after 7PM.

The idea of this event is to have an adult type event in which folks can bring friends, relatives, co-workers, church members, next door neighbors, even past Circle K folks to meet the members of our club. I say adult, as we would like members with kids to have a nice have a evening out and let the kids have fun with a babysitter. This is a very no hasel way for us to introduce folks that may be interested in membership (even if they don't know it yet) once they find out how nice, funny or just great people that we all are.

We will ask that members bring a bottle of wine. We will put up a sign up on the site soon. Let's all try to bring different types of wines with 3 or so from different categories, so Kathy, Jenny, Leslie or a host of others don't all bring Reisling (Scheuing's call St. Michelle's Reisling plus one out of state surprise).

*** This event has been postponed until January ***
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