Today's Date: 04/26/2019
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Event Category Circle K District Event
Event Name Holiday Embrace
Event Type Service Leadership Programs (Service Hours Tracked)
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Event Description Holiday Embrace is Circle K's annual dinner/dance. It is also a fundraiser for Spastic Paralysis, so please come and support this worthy cause!
Additional Description 6:00: Doors open
6:30: Dinner
8:00: Dance

We will get there a little early to set up the hospitality suite.

The cost is $45 for the dinner and dance ($55 after 12/19) and $25 for the dance only. Most of that cost goes toward Spastic Paralysis.

You can register online here:


2 cases water
32 pack Coke
32 pack Diet Coke
12 pack Pepsi (left from previous suite)
12 pack Sprite/Sierra Mist (left from previous suite)
Ice (should have used ice in hotel)

Water was most popular, lots of pop left over -- but it keeps.

4 bags chips (2 Doritos, 1 Cheetos, 1 BBQ)
2 jars Chip Dip

Only use 1/2 bag Cheetos & 1/2 bag Doritos. Wrong dip for bought chips, didn't really need it

Veggie tray (Cucumbers, celery, tomatoes, carrots, dip)

Very nice tray, but not much eaten -- could go very simple

3 Cheeses (Cheddar, Cojack, Mozzarella)
2 boxes of crackers (Triscuits, Wheat Thins)

Pretty well eaten, not much left. Maybe only 2 cheeses. And yes, they ate the white cheese. Grumble, grumble.

2 bags M&Ms
Box of Cookies
Tray of Brownies

M&Ms good, Cookies good, Brownies not really touched

Overall: The attendance was really low this year, as it has been going. The Kiwanians all came up and it was fun, but not really any Circle K'ers and no Key Clubbers. Probably should have less food next year so not as much left over.
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Interclub with I-I Circle K
Event State Service Hours/Attendance Confirmed

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