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Event Category Human and Spiritual Values
Event Name Mt. Saint Joseph Planning
Event Type Human and Spiritual Values (Service Hours Tracked)
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Additional Description Please except this invitation to my parents house on July 15th for a kick off party for the Mt. St. Joseph luncheon to be held on Sunday Oct. 8th. Many of our members (Kim, Laura, Leslie, Iris, Jenny and Kathy) helped out last year and had a good time. My mom, Mary Kay, is in charge of the raffle portion of the event this year. She would like to have our help in planning and assisting on the weekend of the event and would like our input and idea's. She has extended an open invitation to our club for this kickoff party @ her house in Huntley. This will be a good time to discuss our role in this year's luncheon. Please come out if you are interested in learning more about the event.

Please sign up by July 7th.

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