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Event Category Circle K District Event
Event Name Holiday Embrace
Event Type Service Leadership Programs (Service Hours Tracked)
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Event Description Holiday Embrace is Circle K's annual dinner/dance. It is also a fundraiser for Spastic Paralysis, so please come and support this worthy cause!
Additional Description Dinner: 6:30-8PM
Dance: 8PM-Midnight

Please register by December 10th. The costs are:

Dinner and Dance: $35 ($45 after 12/10)
Dance only: $20

Please mail your registration and check to:

Renee Pingolt
450 N. Princeton Ave
Villa Park, IL 60181


You can also register online at:


Food bought/used

Grapes (most a bag used)
Strawberries (2 containers, 1.5 used)
Cauliflower (most of a head)
Broccoli (most of a bunch)
Grape Tomatoes (1 pint, 2/3 used)
Baby Carrots (2 pounds, almost all used)
Ranch Dipping Sauce (1 bottle, 2/3 used)

Chips (2 bags, mostly used)
French Onion Dip (most of a container used)

Summer Sausage (Large stick, most of it used)
Cheese (3 bricks, orange cheese is best)
Crackers (1 box, .5 used)
Triscuits (1 box, .5 used)

Cookies (2 boxes, 1.5 used)
Oatmeal Pies (2 boxes, all used)
M&Ms (1 bag plain, 1 bag peanut, almost all used)

Bottle water (56 bottles, 31 used)
Capri Sun (20 drinks, 13 used)
Pop (4 12 packs (Pepsi, Diet, Sierra Mist, Mug) -- Diet and root beer most popular)

Remember garbage bags.
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Interclub with I-I Circle K
Event State Service Hours/Attendance Confirmed

Event Participants

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