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Event Category Conventions
Event Name I-I Kiwanis District Convention
Event Type Kiwanis Family Meetings (Attendance Tracked)
Event Description Annual I-I District Convention. We will be learning all sorts of interesting things about our District, catching up with old friends, electing our leaders for the next year, and generally having a great time! Please consider coming, especially if you have never been before.
Additional Description The 87th Annual District Convention!

Please indicate the meals you will be attending and send your check/credit card number to Julie by July 10th.

Thurs Dinner (Lewis & Clark Opening Dinner) $32
Friday Breakfast (First Timers/Old Timers) $10
Friday Lunch (Honoring Partners) $17
Friday Dinner (Splash City Beach Party) $30
Saturday Breakfast (Bowl-a-Thon Awards) $15
Saturday Lunch (Spastic Paralysis Foundation) $20 *
Saturday Dinner (Governor's Banquet) $35 **
Sunday Breakfast (Inspirational Breakfast) $15

* Sat Lunch meal choices:
1) Grilled Salmon fillet with dill sauce
2) Beef tips Diane

** Sat Dinner meal choices:
1) Grilled Beef Tenderloin with port wine sauce and mushrooms
2) Oven baked Orange Roughy with dill sauce

Also indicate when you are coming/going and if you can drive
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Interclub with I-I Kiwanis
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Event Participants

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