Today's Date: 05/21/2019
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Event Category Misc Community Service
Event Name Barrington Brat Tent
Event Type Community Service (Service Hours Tracked)
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Event Description We help out at the Barrington 4th of July Festival. The Barrington Kiwanis runs the Bratwurst Tent the first night of the festival. And if we help out we get a portion of the proceeds based on how many people we have there!

The Festival opens at Noon and runs until 11PM, with cleanup usually done within an hour. The mostly need us starting at 4PM, with the peak being at 8PM.

Free parking is available around the event, including John Peter Curielli's office parking lot (adjacent to the event).

Please sign up for whatever hours you can commit to.
Additional Description PROJECT HIGHLIGHTS: Laura attended. It was a fun time.
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Event State Service Hours/Attendance Confirmed

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