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Event Category Food Banks
Event Name Northern Illinois Food Bank
Event Type Community Service (Service Hours Tracked)
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Event Description The Northern Illinois Food Bank collects and distributes food to various organizations in the northwest suburbs that then distribute food to needy families. We perform a variety of tasks at the food bank, such as cleaning the outside of various food products prior to packaging them and sorting products into categories.

We'd love to have 10-15 volunteers for this project. We will be working in a warehouse environment, so dress appropriately - in layers when it is cold, long pants, and closed toed shoes (no sandals or heels) with a rubber sole.

If you've never volunteered before at the Northern Illinois Food Bank, please show up 15 minutes early so you can hear their presentation on the organization.

Additional Description Do we want to do a Social in the after noon? We could do outside mini golf, Whirley ball, or wine tasting. We could also head into Chicago and do Navy Pier activies (maybe a boat ride?) or anything else. Let us know any idea's and we will be happy to present to the club.

Event Summary: This was a really good project. We sorted and packed frozen meals from Jewel. This is part of a pilot program to reclaim meat that otherwise would have been thrown away. There was nothing wrong with the meat, it was just a few days past it's prime and therefore not up to Jewel's level of quality. Perfectly good though! And the meat we packed was slated to be sent out the next day for needy families.
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