Today's Date: 03/25/2019
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Event Category Elderly
Event Name Friendship Village Silent Auction
Event Type Community Service (Service Hours Tracked)
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Event Description This is a silent auction to benefit Friendship Village.
Additional Description Email from FV:

I need 3 more volunteers for Check Out which means approx 9:30pm-11:30pm and if they want to see the speaker/video/main event, they should arrive a few minutes before 9pm; our honoree is Willard Scott, the NBC Today Show Weather Forecaster and he is an author, philanthropist and the original Bozo the Clown and the first Ronald McDonald! It will likely be a great hour of presentations and video fun! (I can have chairs for them in the "auction pit" if they choose to come early.)

I need 4 volunteers for the actual "Auction Pit" which will be located in the main room with all the guests and they also will be able to see the main event. These volunteers must be able to arrive by 5:45pm for dinner (the same full dinner the paying guests will have!) and for instructions. They start by 6:25pm in the auction pit and will be assigned 1-2 tables of donated items to monitor; the auction closes at 10pm, some auction monitors will become "runners" (retrieving the gifts from the auction room for the paying donor and run it across the hall to them in the Check Out room) while others remain with the items. The auction pit volunteers remain until Check Out is done which we expect will be by 11pm or 11:30pm at the latest. They will have a break at approx. 8:20pm, will be served dessert/coffee/etc. in the "volunteer dining room" where they originally ate (across from the main room) and can generally relax as a "relief crew" will be auction monitors until their return at 8:55pm.

Dress is "nice casual" - good comfortable shoes! The evening is "black tie optional" but volunteers should dress in something nice but comfortable since they will be "up and down" with the guests who are viewing the silent auction items.

Anyone who wants to be a relief auction monitor in the pit can do so from 8:20-8:55pm and remain for the main event......that is fine too. Obviously we cannot have lots of volunteers coming to see the event who are not working however if they can help with the Auction Pit, Auction Pit Relief or Check Out........I would be thrilled!!!!!!!

Auction Pit Monitors 5:45-11:30pm
Auction Pit Relief Monitors 8:20-8:55pm
Check Out Helpers 9:30-11:30pm

When you sign up, please indicate where you can help. They need to know for sure if you do this by September 30th!

*** It is crucial that you arrive on time for this! ***

PROJECT HIGHLIGHTS: We had to “watch” the items, alphabetize the winning bids, and collect money!

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Event State Service Hours/Attendance Confirmed

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