Today's Date: 06/04/2020
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Event Category Membership Event
Event Name Membership Event
Event Type Other (Attendance Tracked)
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Event Description Event to recruit new members to our club. Please come and bring your friends who might be interested in eKiwanis. The event will be fun, casual, and low pressure.
Additional Description Golf will be a part of the event however if you are not a golfer do not let that stop you from coming out. It is simple fun driving range type of golf. It is very low key, relaxed setting. You can also choose not to golf and just enjoy the facility/conversations and mini golf is always a option if there is a group of people interested.

Membership will be paying for appetizers. If you choose to buy a meal or an alcoholic beverage that will be on your tab.

Please bring friends and potential new members to this event.

Please sign up at least a week before the event, so we can make reservations

Cost: Top Golf games load on a Top Golf Card. The games on the card expire after 30 days if not used. $5 card fee and $8 per game.

Mini golf will be another great option for the day, cost $6 per person
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