Today's Date: 03/20/2019
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Event Category Meetings
Event Name Governor's Visit
Event Type Kiwanis Family Meetings (Attendance Tracked)
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Event Description Each year, the Governor of the I-I will make an official visit to our Division. Come, meet the Governor, and support the District!
Additional Description We will be joining Division 7 to welcome our Governor Rick Poulton.

6:00 - Membership Chair Meeting
6:30 - Social Hour
7:00 - Dinner Buffet

Cost: $30/person

Buffet meal including: Chicken Limone, Italian Sausage, Oven Roasted Potatoes, Penne with Marinara Sauce, Green Beans Almondine, Tossed Green Salad, & Cake

Please sign up by October 9th.
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Interclub with Park Ridge Noon
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