Today's Date: 05/24/2019
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Event Category Relays / Walk-a-thons
Event Name Relay for Life
Event Type Community Service (Service Hours Tracked)
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Event Description This is an event put on by the American Cancer Society to honor cancer survivors. It is a 12 hour walk with teams of 8-15 person teams. It is a great time and everyone should come!
Additional Description The club will pay the team entry fee and then we collect pledges and donations on our own.

You do not have to stay for the entire time, although it is so much fun you will probably want to! Come anytime you can during the 12 hours. Please indicate when you sign up approximately when you will be there.

You may also purchase luminaries to honor cancel survivors or in memory of someone with cancer. The cost for this is $10.00 per luminary. Contact Leslie if you'd like to purchase one.
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