Today's Date: 03/20/2019
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Event Category Meetings
Event Name In-Person Meeting
Event Type Club Meetings (Attendance Tracked)
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Event Description We meet 3-6 times a year in person for our business meeting.
Additional Description We will be electing the 2012-2013 board!


Guest: Nikki Swafford

From Chinese Garden (now called Aloha, but it's the same place), as usual. Talk to catering manager. Tell him that your budget is $100 and he'll probably give you a discount and make the cost $100 even. Sweet!

15 Egg rolls -- 13 eaten
Half Tray Sweet and Sour Chicken -- Mostly eaten
Half Tray Beef and Broccoli -- 2/3 eaten
Half Tray Fried Rice -- 1/3 eaten
Half Tray White Rice -- 1/4 eaten (not ordered)
Rachel brought small (7.5oz) cans of Coke/Diet Coke and water.
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