Today's Date: 04/19/2019
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Event Category Food Banks
Event Name People's Resource Center Food Market
Event Type Community Service (Service Hours Tracked)
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Event Description We assist in the Food Market of the People's Resource Center. The Food Market is where underpriviledged families receive groceries. It is set up like a grocery store and the clients can "shop" for their food. We sort food, stock shelves, and assist clients with selecting their items.

Please dress comfortably and casually. Jeans and gym shoes are fine. It can get a little cold in the food pantry in the winter, so please dress accordingly.

Please do not park in the parking lot directly outside of the building. Street parking is available.

Additional Description Volunteer Match Attendees

Laura Caballero
Lisa Kokoyachuk
Dawn Etchason
Tami Taylor (plus daughter - Bailey Taylor)

Others That May Show:
Janet Johnston
Carrie Piane
Shannon Foley
Ann Gratzianna
Jessica Rowlett
Felicia Wade
Sarah Kozel
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Estimated Youth Served 150
Event State Service Hours/Attendance Confirmed

Event Participants

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